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Our Websites

August Publications was founded as a web-publishing firm with the launch of Ballpark Digest in 2002. It was a basic site with some ballpark listings, but soon grew in popularity and became the cornerstone of a sustaining publishing firm.

“When I launched Ballpark Digest, there were few sources of good ballpark and baseball-business information on the Web. Today, it’s a crowded field, but I think we’re still on the cutting edge of what’s happening in the game.” — Publisher Kevin Reichard

That success led to more websites, including these:

Arena Digest covers the lively arena scene, including plans for future construction and the state of the art in arenas both small and large.

Spring Training Online is the definitive guide to baseball’s spring season, the annual rite of passage where hope runs high and everyone’s a potential MVP.

Yellowstone Insider is the complete guide to America’s first National Park and one of the most unique spots on the globe.

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Our Books

Yes, we’re back in the book biz. The book-publishing industry has been a roller coaster the last decade, but things appear to be on an upward path again with the emergence of eBooks.

When we first entered the book field in 2006, we published a small, modest guide to spring training that we sold directly to fans. Inquiries from book sellers led us to expand distribution to bookstores and distributors.

And then the bottom fell out of the existing book-distribution system. Like so many others, we took our lumps when large retail chains like Borders, who did their own distribution and, therefore, bought directly from us, went under owing on their debt. We weren’t as exposed as many other firms, but the impact was real.

Luckily, the collapse of the traditional book-distribution system — a system that deserves to die — is coinciding with the rise of cheap, easy-to-use eReaders like the Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook and the Kobo Vox. Rather than shipping crates of books off to a distributor and wait years to be paid (traditional book publishing is indeed a Ponzi scheme!), we can reach out directly to customers and deliver titles directly or from a neutral third party, like Amazon.com and BN.com.

We’ll have more on this in coming days. For now, let’s just say we’re very, very excited to be back in the book business.

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Contact Us

Whether you’re a book buyer or book author, we want to hear from you. E-mail is the best way to get our attention: you can reach the editorial staff at editors@augustpublications, the management at info@augustpublications.com, and the sales staff at sales@augustpublications.com.

We strongly advise you to drop by your local bookstore and buy a book there; bookstores are still the backbone of the publishing economy, and a dollar spent at your local bookstore — especially an independent bookstore — benefits everyone. Our books are distributed by Partners and Baker & Taylor and carried directly by Barnes & Noble, so virtually every bookstore out there should have access our titles.

Of course, we’ll be happy to take your money as well: just follow the links on each book page to place an order.



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